How to choose the right college for MS abroad

As a student, you would want to pursue your dream of studying abroad but the decision is not very easy. It is a life-changing and judicious decision for everyone who is willing to go abroad for higher studies. One needs to weigh the pros and cons to figure what is appropriate for them. An individual should research thoroughly in advance to avoid the rush during the time of applications.Yes, it can be overwhelming but at the same time would entail a lot of pressure. Thereby, it is important to seek the right advice and guidance on the entire process. This is where an expert team of mentors @Scoreleap can help you provide the appropriate guidance and mentoring with your profile evaluation and then suggest the best available colleges. This blog is focused on assisting you with the tips required to choose your dream college for MS abroad.

If your aim is to pursue masters from an Ivy league college then you should begin the preparation at least a year or two in advance. You need to check the criteria and as per that start with studying for the GMAT/GRE. Your pursuit for getting good scores for the GMAT/GRE can be aided by Scoreleap as they have the best prep team for Self pace and batch classes. who would prepare you to ace these tests.Everyone knows, only the ones with good scores, score the best colleges. Besides GRE/GMAT, most colleges also require students to write just TOEFL and IELTS.

Now, one might argue that there is no right college for masters abroad. It extensively varies on a lot of factors that link to where your interests lie. Each student has a different career background, their growth graph differs and is subjective to his/her interests/passion hence you need to identify what you want to pursue as your career which makes it your stepping stone for making the list of colleges that you will apply to as you will prefer the colleges that provide the best in the industry you are interested in. This is just a part of your decision-making process apart from that there are a few things that you might want to consider, which are stated below -

Course Offerings

We all have to plan our career and make a decision about what we really want at some point in our life, so here’s that crucial point of your life.You need to sit down and brainstorm on all the prospects of the programmes or subjects you want to trail and based on that look out for colleges that offer them.

You need to hunt for specialized courses that each college has to offer and look through rankings for in-depth analysis. Additionally, you can also contact the college/university for more queries regarding the courses or visit the official websites to learn about their program structure, resources provided, etc. to understand if the course suits your list of priority. There are tons of combos and different subjects which vary from college to college. So sit down, wear your glasses and start with it right away!! It's natural to get intimidated and confused while doing the research at times hence Scoreleap can prove to be instrumental in helping you with making the right decision of selecting the appropriate college. Their strong alumni network will also help you in knowing all the details and clearing doubts.

International Ranking

Once you know the colleges that offer the courses you need, the next step should be checking the respective college’s international ranking. All universities and colleges strive to improve the quality of study programmes and the overall academic environment. However, there are some colleges which have exceptionally good facilities and staff and hence are ranked on various criteria like subject/discipline/staff etc.These international rankings might help you give a clearer perspective. However, they always might not be true so just confirm once before making a concrete decision.


Masters/MBA abroad could put a burning hole in your pocket. Evaluate your finances, calculate precisely how much is the expenditure and whether or not you could bear that. If a loan is required, you need to see how and what you can do during your period of master to return that. Most universities/colleges offer financial assistance. Try applying for scholarships through endowment committees that can be found on the web. Scholarships can extensively reduce the costs for your studies and living.

Academic environment

The geographic location could matter a lot sometimes. You need to have a visit, if possible, which will help you grasp the look and feel of that place. Different country/city could mean a complete change of environment, you will have to adapt and be more active in the realm outside the university as well. Explore sports teams, debate tournaments, voluntary work, student council, drama, music bands that you might want to engage in while you take a break.

Now having said all this there are a few things you could start doing right away in your graduation college wherein a good GPA leads to a better and high-ranked college. A low GPA will give us fewer options to choose from the bucket of good colleges. It is important that you get a good GPA and also strengthen your profile by participating in extracurricular activities and taking internships that would enhance your understanding of the professional world.

If you have doubts about experimenting with study programs and universities that might be matching your criteria on paper but still seem wrong, you need to gain experience from the students who have been in your position before and look at how they’ve tackled the situation. You could also speak about the college programs and job opportunities after graduation. Scoreleap has an extensive network of alumni who help their students with their prep in the most efficient way possible. They will provide information about other facilities. You could also directly send questions to the admission department or ask the professor about any queries. Lastly, we hope this blog helps you but if you still want a better picture you could always visit the educational fairs where the institutions send their best to explain to you all about their programs and structures in great detail.