Scholarships for students

Imagine this, you are longing to do your MBA from one of the Ivy league colleges and you plan it out, you have the scores but you don't have enough funds or you don't want to burn a hole in your pocket. Well that is where this guide will come to your aid. Your dream college can be sometimes a little expensive but it won’t be a setback if you are following certain simple procedures and performing your best at GMAT/GRE. Scoreleap is here to help you understand how you can get tuition assistance for your MBA.

Debts can be a huge burden so scoring a scholarship is the safest way to get your way through the MBA expenses.

Now various top universities like INSEAD , Stanford , Boston University etc provide various scholarships under their name, some are merit based i.e on your GMAT score and some have their own criterias since the start. Mainly the questions that you need to ask are -

  • How to get a scholarship for an MBA?
  • What is the best GMAT score for scholarships?
  • Who awards MBA scholarships?
  • What factors do AdComs consider for awarding school scholarships?
  • What are the eligibility criteria to get a Business School scholarship?

Scholarship committees evaluate many factors before awarding a scholarship and GMAT score is an important factor considered by them. If you are stressed about paying for your MBA even when you have an envious GMAT score, then worry not. You stand a good chance of getting a business fellowship or scholarship. MBA being one of the most valuable investments of your life provides you the opportunity to grow in numerous ways but that does not mean you have to stay under the debt for the fees and accommodation. A little hard work with the online gmat prep and the application of scholarship can shower numerous benefits for you.

Financial Support -

Let's say even though you have the capital to fund your MBA but the external help can help you make savings that can prove worthwhile in the near future and can be used as an investment to something you want to pursue. Get away from the student loan burden.

Merit Based Scholarships -

Getting a merit based student loan means you have competed against many others and achieved what you wanted. This will make you more motivated to work for the MBA and get the most out of it as you have put in the hard work to get there and make you confident in yourself.

What do the committee board look for in the scholarship applications?

  • Academics - Your GMAT and undergraduate GPA score including experience and your strengths and capabilities.
  • Leadership attributes
  • Work Resume - Your experience and internships/Various projects that you have done . How have you performed etc etc.
  • Your Aim - How clear are you on your goals and where do you want to lead it to.
  • Other hobbies and creative perspectives. Basically your individuality in terms of what unique you bring to the programme.

Scoreleap provides the best mentorship and has customised online prep courses to help you evaluate all above mentioned factors. Now usually there are MBA scholarships provided by the universities and then there are external agencies that help you gain the scholarship. So what you can do is keep an eye on both and use portals such as-,, or go to the universities page and check out there. Keep your google notifications switched on and look out for as much as opportunities you can find online.

Lastly make sure you keep your applications as customised as possible. Do your research into the industry and check out what the evaluators are like and what they look for or anything specific will impress certain colleges or the person granting you. Be as much as individualistic as possible and focus on what unique things you can bring to the program.

Scoreleap is an institution that guides and mentors students ambitious to pursue MBA from Ivy league colleges. It is great and has many resources to back students with best gmat prep online. The mentors can also help you with various scholarships and give their expertise and insights.