All about Duolingo Test

Studying abroad is a dream for many that entail with itself multiple tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc. The pandemic, however, forced the world to switch gears to virtual platforms and means and hence emerged the growing acceptance and significance of the Duolingo Test.

What is the Duolingo Test

The DET or Duolingo English Test is an online exam created with the objective of evaluating the English proficiency of international students. Its growing acceptance by educational institutions in USA, UK, and Canada can be attributed to the closing of offline exam centres as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions. Reading, writing, listening and speaking are the four criteria which form the basis of the said evaluation. The DET is a 1-hour long examination conducted in a single stretch and its elements involve:

  • The Adaptive Test
  • Video Interview and Writing Test

The pattern of the Duolingo Test

The Adaptive Test
In this section, the student will be expected to complete some tasks within a span of 45 minutes.
These tasks include:

  • Write down what is happening in a picture
  • Type out those words or phrases you listen
  • Speak a short-essay
  • Jumbled sentences
  • Write an answer
  • Read a sentence aloud
  • Select real English words from a list

Video Interview and Writing Test
In this section, you will be given two topics; out of which you’ll have to choose one to speak about for two to three minutes. Once the topic has been selected, the timer will start. Following this video interview, the student will be expected to write on another topic for three to five minutes. The institutions that you apply to will be receiving this section of the test.

Benefits of the Duolingo Test

Let’s answer another important question revolving around the test- “ Why take this test?”. In the presence of exams such as IELTS or TOEFL, it becomes essential to understand and learn about the perks offered by the emerging alternative.

Affordability is a key feature of the test that helps a lot of students over the financial challenges of studying abroad. The Duolingo test cost is just $49 (INR 3,605), whereas other tests cost $200 (INR 14717).

  • With its time duration of 45 minutes, it takes a comparatively shorter time to complete the test than others that go on for over 2.5 hours.
  • One of the most exciting features of this test is that it gives fast results i.e., within 48within of 48 hours of taking it.
  • Lastly, accessibility of course contributes significantly to the growing popularity of the test. The test can be taken from the comfort of our homes.

Universities in the UK and USA accepting the Duolingo Test

The DET’s legitimacy has fared really well with over 1700+ universities having accepted and approved it. However, thorough research by international students is required to gain accurate knowledge about its acceptance to various educational institutions. To know more about the list of colleges in the USA and UK that accept the Duolingo Test, click on the link below: Universities in the UK and USA accepting the Duolingo Test