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About Us

With a track record of crafting futures for over 8000 students, our dedication to excellence in teaching, learning and research guides us in realising learning aspirations, with the best universities worldwide, for motivated candidates seeking to make a real difference in the world

Scoreleap at a Glance

ScoreLeap is an Edtech company that provides access to higher education to universities across the globe. Our platform's comprehensive end-to-end service includes counseling throughout the application process, as well as test preparation services for GMAT, GRE and SAT. The faculty members are masters at their respective tests, exceptional guides who help students acquire knowledge, skills and the right attitude to build the capacity with grit to excel the tests with confidence.

Our Story

Scoreleap was established in 2019 by co-founders, Kalyan and Rashmi, who have worked together since 2007. They share a passion for education, social development, and have witnessed others struggle in seeking academic opportunities abroad. It was evident that the most common challenge was the lack of guidance and support during the school application and test preparation process.

Soon after Rashmi completed her Master in Public Administration program at Harvard University, she returned home to India. Together, Rashmi and Kalyan combined their strengths in teaching and business experience to build Scoreleap with a mission to create greater and wider access to academic opportunities around the world, and established the vision for a stronger future generation of global intellects.

In less than a year they found their service to be creating positive traction among students and immediately received an overwhelming number of requests for standardized test preparation and admissions process guidance/support. To date, Scoreleap has successfully helped over 8,000 of students achieve higher scores on their standardized tests. Many of those continued under Scoreleaps mentorship and secured admissions, gained scholarships from universities around the world.

The Scoreleap team has substantially expanded since 2019 and is committed to continue to create opportunities abroad to anyone who seeks to achieve greater academic heights.

Scoreleap Founder

Kalyan C Chamarthi

Founder & CEO

Kalyan is our lead mentor and a seasoned standardized test strategist. A dedicated teacher at heart, he provides personalized attention to ensure his students remain motivated to learn and achieve their goals. He develops the Scoreleap curriculum and understands different learning methods to impart the skills and knowledge required to optimize test-taking performance. Kalyan’s students have graduated from well-known universities around the world including Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, Oxford and Cambridge University.

Scoreleap Co-Founder & COO

Rashmi P Gowda

Co-Founder & COO

Rashmi is a Harvard Kennedy School graduate who firmly believes in universal access to higher education. With 15 years of business experience and an MPA degree, she aims to apply her skills and knowledge to build a stronger future generation through Scoreleap, providing guidance and mentorship support to those who aspire to attend universities abroad.

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Scoreleap Co-Founder & COO
Scoreleap Investor

Anand Patil

Scoreleap Investor

Anand is the Managing Director of Phamax and has over two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry spanning multiple disciplines – consulting, product strategies, business planning, and global delivery. He is another one of Scoreleap’s founding shareholders and an active supporter of furthering educational goals through the Edtech space.

Scoreleap Investor
Scoreleap Investor

Shalimar Sulisto

Scoreleap Advisor

Shalimar is a communications specialist who works with international organizations that focus on sustainable development, climate change and positive social outcomes. She has more than a decade of communications experience and previously worked for the World Bank in Indonesia. Always an advocate for equal access to quality education, Shalimar joined Scoreleap as a board advisor and also serves as a mentor to its clients. She holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Scoreleap Investor

Sunil P

Scoreleap Investor

Sunil is a professional with over 2 decades of experience in various areas like Strategic Procurement, Operations, Consulting and Service Management. with fortune 100 companies. He is also a Continuous Improvement Practitioner and a certified 6 sigma Green Belt. He has been a part of the Scoreleap journey since inception as an investor and a shareholder. Sunil brings in his 2 decades of operational and leadership experience to constantly support, guide and mentor ScoreLeap teams. Sunil leverages his connections and the network in the industry to assist ScoreLeap founders in Fund rising.

Scoreleap Investor