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Applying to a TOP Graduate program is a stressful process. You need to position yourself so fit in with the school’s culture while also standing out from the competition. ScoreLeap Admissions Team, the only admissions services in India which works with Graduates from top Colleges such as Harvard University, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Purdue University, etc, will help you present a clear, compelling picture of who you are so you can apply with confidence. Our team of experienced Consultants, puts you on the path to the future you deserve. ScoreLeap is here for you anytime, day or night. You are not alone in this process.

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Our students get accepted to the best B-Schools across the world including:

The ScoreLeap Advantage

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    High Success Rate With Full Funding

    99% percent of our Graduate School Applicants received 100% funding through various assistantships. We have constantly proved that we know how to market you to your dream Graduate Program with cent percent funding.

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    Step-By-Step Guidance

    From selecting the best schools, to building that perfect essay, to your first day at your dream school – we’re with you every step of the way! Trust us to make this overwhelming application process manageable and stress–free.

  • the MS Admission Scoreleap

    Advice For Every School & Every Essay

    ScoreLeap knows that one Statement of Purpose does not fit all. That is why we provide specific in – depth essay guidance for 50 top Graduate schools’ applications, including Video tutorials and outlining tools.

  • news the MS Admission Scoreleap

    Helping You Get Accepted, No Matter Who You Are

    Regardless of your grades, GRE scores or experience – we believe every candidate has a story to offer. You’ve got the potential, we’ve got you!Our unique process has helped countless applicants get into their dream schools by leveraging their unique stories to create compelling applications

Had pleasure working with Kalyan when his venture c-square Learnings(now ScoreLeap) was a startup back in 2006, running his business of small house front of forum Kormanagala, Bengaluru. He was key in guiding me for GRE prep, required application material, and input on university selection. It was surprising, and scary has his input and insight was not inline with standard cookie cutter offerings such as VISU, TIMES and other service providers. Glad to say, trust did pay off and I got admit from WSU with assistance for M.S. That said, happy to recommend his services even 13 years after, to someone who is willing to put in work, and needs critical input and insight at junctures, not a spoon feeding system with false or subpar promises. Good luck Kalyan
Kalyan was an engaging and energetic mentor who not only provided valuable insights to the course that I signed up for, but was also instrumental in providing guidance for the application process. He focused not only on the course content, but on the overall process as well as invaluable advice on living life as a student abroad. The impeccable humor was the cherry on top!
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MS Admission

Applying with GMAT/ GRE

College Selection
Statement of Purpose
Letter of Recommendation
Application Review
1 College  : 50,000/-
2 Colleges : 90,000/-
3 Colleges : 1,20,000/-
4 Colleges : 1,40,000/-
5 Colleges : 1,50,000/-
MS Admission

Applying without GMAT/ GRE

College Selection
Statement of Purpose
Letter of Recommendation
Application Review
5 Colleges : 50,000/-
*Every Additional School Beyond 5 School Package: INR 25,000.00
(CGST 9% And SGST 9% Is Additional On All Packages)
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