How Important is your extracirricular activities and building a holistic CV for your MBA?

Now as we know, all leading business schools look for prospective business leaders while evaluating all MBA applicants. Now one criteria for all schools while judging the applications is to look at how well you have performed in extracurricular activities. They look for people who have contributed to their community and are actively engaged in other activities that help build their personalities. In this blog we aim to give you a detailed guide and a few tips as to how you can start working on your CV well before you start planning to become an MBA aspirant

Now, extra curricular activities you might say are not the primary factor that the schools consider but it can add a little boost to your application. Scoreleap can help you in learning what's best for your application and the gmat prep guide to make you land in your dream college. Extracurricular activity can improve a person's MBA candidacy even if he or she did not assume a leadership role related to that activity. However, if an applicant does have an extracurricular leadership position it may further elevate a candidate by showing their initiative and persistence in an activity where they have personal interest.

Activities that can help you build your CV :

Courses and expanded knowledge -

Online or extended courses can help you learn a lot of either the subject/skill you love or helps you explore what you love and would like to pursue. But most importantly it provides you knowledge and expertise in a particular field which gives you an edge over others in your application. Scorealep mentors you to bifurcate your time and use your free time to explore different sets of skills online. There are various free courses available on coursera, upgrad etc.

Internships -

Working and gaining real time experience gives you an idea of the real world out there. You gain hands-on, first person experience and it makes you more prepared for working ahead. You need to build your CV holistically, and for those purposes Scoreleap has the best mentors who guide you throughout.

Business/Startup -

If you’re the kind who belongs to a business background or has a lot of startup ideas and wants to work on something of their own you should start working on it. Approach friends who you might feel would help you with it and start working on your idea. It can either be a success or you can fail at it but the major thing that stands is your growth whilst doing it . It gives you an understanding with management and pushes you to take up or try skills that you would not otherwise. Also it gives a boost to your CV as well.

Community Service -

Doing for the community always pays you back. Good deed in any form is not a bad gesture and will never harm you but it shows and reflects your growth as an individual. It helps you become more understanding towards others and sometimes work for just happiness and not for any value in return.

Skills that you should work on while building your CV -

  • Academic excellence - Try to build your knowledge as much as you can and portray it on your CV.
  • Leadership qualities - Demonstrated through academic/non-academic initiatives, projects ,etc.
  • Hands-on practical experience - Portrayed through internships,work experience.
  • Skill Diversity - Extra-curricular activities can help you build a number of skill sets you can put your best ones on the CV.
  • Result-oriented Aptitude - All the ‘Rewards & Recognition you achieve in your journey can be demonstrated in your application.

Scoreleap has the best set of writers to help you in writing your resume. In addition to this when you’re writing your resume use adjectives where necessary, but don’t overdo it. Words such as ‘Led’, ‘Founded’, or ‘Created’ can create a lot of impact. Don’t just focus on your tactical day-to-day responsibilities when writing your resume and adverbs create a really bad impact on your wordings. When writing your resume, entire sentences are not necessary, try to make it more towards storytelling. Make it your story and put them in the best words you can describe it.

Make sure to complement your essays, whatever projects you write should be added in your application as well. As we all know that 50% MBA is about presentation, the rest 50% depends on your principles. In addition you can also design your CV.

With this, I hope this guide helped you. Just try to give yourself a ‘360 angle experience’, work in all fields if you’re still at the exploring stage or if you’ve decided your passion still give yourself a chance to try different things. MBA admissions can be a little hectic at times but it's all about enjoying the process and putting your best and then just relax and wait for the results.

Scoreleap has a lot of expertise in these areas and skilled writers who compound your essays make it look intriguing and beautiful. They provide mentors who help you learn and evaluate yourself, indeed helping you to perform better in your interviews.