Frequently Asked Questions

About ScoreLeap

As our name suggests, we primarily focus on improving the students’ score keeping in mind their best interests, while also focusing on pushing them beyond what they expect from themselves.

We approach each concept with a strategy that we have developed over the years and the student, with enough practice, will acquire the necessary tools and techniques to ace the test.

Our trainers are initially put through vigorous rounds of interviews and are subjected to a strict level of training before they train the students. Each trainer that we have on-board, are exceptionally skilled and equipped with a GMAT score of above 750, GRE score of above 325 and a perfect score of 1600 in SAT.

With their extended experience in not only teaching but also mentoring, they seek out each student’s potential and put them on the strongest path to success.

Our Programs

We at ScoreLeap offer 3 different programs for 3 different Undergrad & Graduate Levels. We train students for GMAT, GRE, as well as the SAT and each of these programs, has 3 approaches to the training. Classroom training (10-12 students), 121 sessions (in-person or online) along with hourly programs.

A collective 100 hours is required from each student to dedicate to preparation regardless of the test that he or she is preparing for.

Every student that comes on board has different goals and the scalability factor differs from each student. They begin their journey at different levels of preparation and manage to achieve the leap in their score and with extreme satisfaction. You can look into our students’ testimonials to read more about their journey and how ScoreLeap has helped them reach their goals.

A student can opt for the Hourly Program which helps you brush up on topics and gain better momentum before taking the test. You can read about it here.

You can read all about the 121 Program in the links given below.


A student can opt-out of any course that he or she has registered for but the payment made for the respective course is strictly non-refundable and non-negotiable.

Yes, you can always retake a course. You can start the entire course once again (Comprehensive Classroom Program or Comprehensive 121 Program) or you can also opt for the Hourly Program which helps you prepare for the respective tests when you have prior training and want to further improve your score.

We do not support a refund policy. All payments made to ScoreLeap Test Prep are nonrefundable and non-negotiable. We believe that we bring a certain value to everything we do and we do not have funds pertaining to whatsoever reason for a refund. This applies to all the programs of all the tests that we train for.

An initial deposit of 50% of the payment for any course is compulsory. The remaining 50% of the payment has to be made within 10 days of paying the initial deposit. Until the 2nd payment is made, classes for that student will not commence.

We at ScoreLeap provide students with the most effective GMAT training in the country. Because of our success, we are able to guarantee that every student who completes our program will be satisfied with his or her performance on the real test, or will provide the student an opportunity to retake classes in any other batch for up to a year at no charge. However, we cannot guarantee the improvements of students who do not follow our proven game plan. You must attend all of your classes, take all of your practice tests, complete your homework, and take the GMAT immediately after completing the course in order to be eligible for the guarantee.

The balance for any course opted for, is due exactly 10 days after the initial deposit is made. If the payment is not made, we have full authority to reject the coaching for the particular student until the remaining payment is made.

Cancellation of any class has to be made 24 hours before the class begins. Arriving late for a class under unavoidable circumstances will be entertained the first two times. If the student arrives late to class more than 3 times, he or she will be dismissed from the remaining classes.

Most online payments are accepted including Net Banking and various online transfer methods.