Different intake cycles for MBA admission

There are different intake processes depending on the foreign university you pick, most of which have two admission intakes every year, for all classes and courses. Usually, the fall semester begins in September and ends in December, whereas the Spring semester starts in January and ends in May. Thereby Students need to apply accordingly and be careful of what break they opt for as it's a crucial step in the application process. Helping you make the right choice, Scoreleap takes care of all aspects of students' needs for their admissions.

The two most important reasons why universities accept students in two different intakes -One of the obvious reasons being that it is not easy to accommodate too many students in a single semester. Most international universities receive thousands of applications every year, so obviously it will be quite a task to admit so many students at a time. Thereby the intake division is in place. Secondly, universities want to give chances to those students who could not apply in Fall semester, as there would be many students who cannot apply due to their personal reasons and hence give them a chance by letting them apply in another season. Scoreleap provides proper mentorship as to how you need to go about this whole process, so that you are clear about what and when to do.

Now the fall semester has generally a huge number of students applying which leads to a higher number of students getting admitted along with the classroom sizes, courses offered all varying from the spring semester.

Both the associated periods have their own benefits some of which we have listed below,

Fall Semester -

  • Biggest advantage of applying during the fall intake is that there is comparatively a higher number of courses offered by a university as the number of applicants is higher during the fall semester. In spring, there are comparatively fewer students applying, and so the courses offered by the universities are also fewer.
  • Another benefit being that most students complete their undergrad by May/June, this includes students coming from abroad and hence applying for fall semester (starts in September ). This gives them enough time to rest and get back into the preparation of applying and writing quality essays etc.
  • Since the capacity of all colleges is higher in the fall intake there is a higher probability of your application getting selected.
  • You get an added benefit of getting a re-chance, if you end up not getting your dream college you can still apply in the fall semester. But it wont work vice-versa as the fall semester dates would already have been passed and you’d end up wasting the year.
  • Universities have mandated that their students must be a part of the program for at least nine months before they get permission to apply for off-campus internships. Applying during the spring means one cannot work off-campus during the summer season when most companies have formal internship programs. However, if the university treats the internship as part of the coursework, this issue becomes nil.

Spring semester -

The summer semester starts in late May or early June and ends just before the fall semester begins. Not all universities have a winter semester but if they do, it is a very short semester squeezed between the fall and the spring semesters.

Spring intake however has its share of fair advantages as well:

  • It can be very helpful for students who are looking to work simultaneously as they get a chance to work along with their professors.
  • Since there is a less footfall of students, it provides a less competitive environment. Students who want to ease up and focus more on their professional lives or other stuff going around and easily do it because of the varied timings.
  • Nose some students are scared that there isn't enough funding available for the fall semester but that is not true. There are enough funding options available for Spring semester students as well, but there are more opportunities during Fall when compared to Spring since the on-campus jobs and financial aid options open up during the Fall semester intake.

The above critical analysis can help students to make judicious decisions about timely admissions and also help them to evaluate their options more efficiently. Although both semesters have their own benefits, the fall due to its huge number of preferences by students from all around has a larger significance with its courses etc. So now it's on you to decide which time period is suitable for you.

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