Why should you study in IVY league schools

‘Ivy colleges’ are a dream for many students wishing to pursue Masters/MBA Abroad. A Master Degree from Ivy League colleges tends to define your career course and provide you with extraordinary resources. Universities from all around the globe offer you a multicultural environment with the best technology and courses. Coming to the chase: Why is there a fierce competition to get into IVY league schools only? Well this blog will help you analyse the benefits of getting into Ivy league schools. Scoreleap has an extensive range of experts who mentor you with their valuable experience and also have interactive sessions with alumnis from Ivies helping you gain more insight.

Let's dive into history, we all know there are a few oldest colleges in the US - Harvard , Dartmouth, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania and so on. These colleges termed themselves as Ivy league due to their elitism in the sports arena in the 1950s era. The sports that these colleges play were so popular that some teams began playing games in New York City so spectators could come from far away and watch the games. Hence these colleges today have some of the most interactive off campus activities and cultural organization to help students have an overall growth.

Benefits of studying in IVY League Schools

Career Growth and Development

The best thing about IVY League Schools is that every school has unique programs in some subjects. To name a few, Harvard Business School is considered to be one of the best in terms of specialised program offerings. They have extremely informative and packed courses for entrepreneurship and various other fields naturally costing you a fortune . Having one of the world class teachers to provide you lectures that could help you for your lifetime gives one an opportunity to get the best out for themselves, boosting their career growth and development.

You also learn teamwork and high coordination with the highly fast paced curriculum and activities with your classmates helping you learn how to survive in the fierce competition.


These Universities are an opportunity for one to explore the aspect of networking to the maximum. Networking can prove beneficial in exploring many opportunities in the professional world. It could turn into meaningful business partnerships or some might help you in your pursued career field and some might turn into beautiful friendships too. You’ll have a diverse environment where you can see people with different mindsets, skills, and cultural backgrounds. Get to work with both like minded people and with contrasting opinions. Scoreleap provides their students with the best training to enter into these colleges with the correct attitude and confidence. Scoreleap’s team of mentors conduct 1:1 sessions with aspirants preparing them for the mock interviews. Our mentors are alumni from top IVY league schools who would guide the aspirants in the entire admission process to these schools.

Jobs and offers -

Ivy League schools have some of the best resources for you to build your personality and hence they attract talented, hardworking and smart students from all over the globe. Firms from all around get some of their best offers on the table. You will have an advantage over the remuneration if you are a graduate or pursuing your masters/MBA from one of the best in the world.

However the cost to get through this graduate course is pretty intense and one might argue that on field experience is what pays you more. You should also take into consideration the field you want to pursue. However you have the best prep facilities available to make yourself stand out and do the best to create great opportunities for you through various cultural groups and different sorts of activities conducted off campus too.

Valuable Mentorship

Throughout the course of these universities you have some valuable mentors who contribute in guiding your Master's/MBA journey. They have a notable positive impact on your learning. Scoreleap can help you provide the best Masters/mba admission services, to help you get into Ivy league colleges.

We have mentioned a few undue benefits of going to Ivy league college. You are giving yourself the world's best education if you are pursuing or planning to pursue your masters or bachelors in Ivy league colleges. As mentioned above you need to assess all the factors like your financial status and what you want to pursue and in depth research about the course and faculties of the colleges you’re applying to. One needs to know that the degree you get from graduating through an Ivy league school works as an elite credential on your CV. Scoreleap helps in the best prep for you to make your dream come true. Moreover, Scoreleap teaches the correct attitude that you need to challenge the course of MBA/Masters from such a competitive environment.