What to do a day before your exam

Many People treat the GMAT exam as their engineering exams. They try to cram as much as possible in the last few days. That is the worst thing you can do. Besides confusing you, it also does not add value to your preparation.

The last days are for identifying the silly blips that are causing you to answer wrong. It may be a lack of concept clarity, not understanding the question correctly, or even making repetitive silly mistakes.

So focus on identifying and correcting these mistakes which would help you in a big way in increasing your overall score. Give 1-2 tests a day and focus on identifying their errors.


Too much stress has a detrimental effect on your thinking. It can prove very fatal to stress yourself with new stuff and ponder over things you cannot understand one day before your exam. Instead one should ideally try doing all sorts of things or activities that give their mind comfort. Talk to people, do some meditation or any other creative hobbies that you have anything basically that gives your mind space and relaxation.

You should focus almost entirely on your examination strategy.

Believe in what you have already prepared and just revise from the notes that you have made could be - Formula sheets, Important points, etc. Again I would like to repeat don’t overstress yourself if you do not understand something, it is very important to maintain your calm. Now apart from the general revision you can also focus on particular sections like -

Revision of verbal -The verb tenses, Idioms, etc or Revision of Quants -

Techniques, formulas, etc. It all depends on where your strengths lie and what section is that you think will lead you to score more.

Irrespective of the timing that you have your GMAT exam at and I repeat do not start anything new or pressure yourself on the D-day. Keep yourself composed and listen to something soothing that helps you concentrate better and keep your mind free until the exam. Hope this helps you and we wish you all the best for your exam.