Right time to begin MBA

When do you think is a right time to begin your MBA journey

MBA is a postgraduate program in business administration or business management. Research & experience of thousands of MBAs demonstrated that if a person works in industry for few years after completing graduation & then joins an MBA program, learns more during studies, engages better in learning process, perform well in studies as well as good opportunities to present self better to companies which might be interested in campus hiring. It also mostly leans on your career goals, career aptitude, career objectives, knowledge & skills you wish to acquire & enhance, how fast you wish to achieve these goals etc.

It’s never bad to have a good education prior to starting working on your career but working as a professional and then opting for training can provide one with an edge of knowing and understanding the applications better. The reason is during the time you spent in working for a company or business or even a Government department, you would have been exposed to various situations, met different people and worked on various tasks. All this experience provides you with an insight into the business organisation.

MBA provides experience and knowledge, which helps you to grasp the management and hence helping you to effectively contribute in your life decisions ahead. It helps you increase your network via meeting young and experienced talent, all under one roof, aiding you to get ahead in the chain via making some brilliant connections for lifetime.

Now for freshers, less than a year or two of working experience (mostly IT) will have an option to explore what they want to do in the early years by learning about their preferred subjects or courses. They are more likely to explore to these questions as they sail on their MBA journey.

a. What after MBA?

So, it completely depends on what you want to do after your MBA. Some people have their goals, some do MBAs to explore where they want to go. But mainly it helps you to get an idea throughout your education period to get a better picture of where you see yourself.

c. Mindset/Maturity

Students who are at their early ages have a clutter free mind and enthusiasm to learn and perform. They gain the required composure and maturity that professionals require. You can assess and then take a call where you want to go.

This is just the mental part. There are many other reasons why people delay their MBAs (inadequate preparation leading to multiple attempts, lack of financial security, family/peer pressure, etc.). Again, it is entirely subjective and depends on how well you can figure things out.

Hope that helps. All the best!