"Attended a complimentary Reading Comprehension Class and what luck, I struck Gold. After the first 5 minutes I was more than convinced of the value he adds to any individual."
GMAT – 770
The Wharton School

I am a typical small town Engg. Grad working with an MNC for last 9 years. Started thinking about doing a US MBA since last year. This year decided to take the GMAT. Booked a date of 5th Jan'07 in July'06.

Became a member of Sentence Correction.Com, GMATclub.Com, and Scoretop.Com etc. and tried other sources (class room coaching) for study. But by the end of September, I realized I am not moving anywhere. The strengths (read it math - problem solving and critical reasoning) remained strengths and weaknesses (data sufficiency, reading comprehension and mother of all sentence correction) remained areas of improvement.

Got to know of Kalyan during some other coaching class. First was really apprehensive of one more class, but my adventurous nature pulled me to his doorsteps for "let's check him out too". Attended a complimentary Reading Comprehension Class and what luck, I struck Gold. After the first 5 minutes I was more than convinced of the value he adds to any individual.

His strengths are

  1. Small group size ( rather than paying Rs. 10 k and sitting in a class of 20 people it is always advisable to pay high and sit in a class of 4 people)
  2. His understanding of GMAT as a test is phenomenal. I do not know my wife as well as he knows this test. At the end of the day I could predict the next moves of GMAT courtesy his talent.
  3. Focus and Focus and Focus on what one is supposed to do, does not let one wander in wilderness.
  4. The dedication to job (read it making your career) is exemplary in C square Learnings.

What material to read and how to read is something you will get to know when you join him. Anyway I am writing my experience for last two days, copybook of how he advises you to behave for the benefit of reader.

The day of the test and one day before:

  • Watched Season 2 of Friends – I still believe that was better than 5
  • Slept @ 9.30
  • Woke up @ 4.30
  • Went Jogging – 1.00 hr
  • Center @ 8.00 ( the parking on the side of the center is bad, pl. park in manipal center only)
  • Cheerful staff at center, very welcoming
  • Good sheets/ papers/ pens --- no problem
  • No. 3 table ( no luck with numerology)
  • Put the template on the argument first and then started thinking For template contact the group coordinator
  • Similar with issue essay
  • No stress first hour.
  • First Break – "Red Bull" and "Mars" a lethal combination
  • Math everything was easy. Finished 15 mins before. Was sure of 51 there. Suggestion – Heroism does not lead to anywhere. Utilize this full time. My final score will reflect that
  • Second Break – "Red Bull" and "Mars" part 2 – the sequel was better than original
  • Verbal – first sentence correction question and I knew the answer. For the first time thought 800 is possible. First RC para Q5 – Came back to earth. 800 is not worth it.
  • Finished with 10 mins left. Saw the score and cursed myself for saving those 15 mins in math section.(M 50, V 44)

But the center staff was happy with my score. The lady told 770 is the second highest, only one guy received 780 before. So the day ended happily and I reached office by 1.15 PM.

So here I close for the day, but the trick to success is that whenever you join the course, pl. follow it ditto and have faith completely.


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