Neeraj Biyani

"He does something different, he makes you believe that you can get a score - because GMAT is not only a test of concept but also a test of your mental framework"
GMAT – 710
Stanford GSB

I was very inspired by my friend who had just returned to India after his Wharton MBA. That was in 2010. Moved by the change I saw in him, I wanted to undergo a similar experience myself.

I finally got around the idea of seriously preparing for the first hurdle - GMAT - in 2018. That was the first GMAT decision I had taken but certainly not the best one. Soon after a few practice tests I realised that I needed help. I was averaging around 640 with quant oscillating between 47-48 and verbal between 27-29.

I decided to enrol to one of the best known online courses. I prepared well. Learned the lessons, practiced the exercises. I was ready to take the test finally. The final screen on the test day showed - 670. I was heart-broken. I did not know what to do. Probably I should not waste my time and move on, I thought. Thankfully that was not the best GMAT decision I took either.

I left my pursuit. I was unhappy but I was a little tired. A few months later, the same friend who was my inspiration in the first place advised me to meet-up with Kalyan. That decision - to meet up with Kalyan - was my best GMAT decision. That one decision changed everything for me. Kalyan is not a regular teacher. He is a coach. The first thing he worked on me was to bring my confidence back. The right attitude, which now I believe is more important than learning those high school level concepts that GMAT tests, is the most important thing one requires to crack the GMAT. I started by mastering the concepts. Kalyan identified my problem in the verbal section and worked on it with his unique approach. Fast forward 2 months, filled with confidence, I booked my test. On the test day, the final screen showed 710 (V38, Q49).

Thanks to Kalyan, I got calls from Wharton, Stanford, Kellogg and Insead. I finally decided to go to Stanford and that was my second best decision. The best of-course was to take that meeting with Kalyan!

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