Master’s in the US

Master’s in the US from ScoreLeap

Everyone in the pandemic is in deep paranoia as to everything they do and as a result many students have backed out from pursuing masters abroad. According to a global survey 61% of students have refrained from pursuing their masters out of their country as they were worried about food and stay and safety and financial worries. However, Scoreleap doesn't believe so and to back this up we invited one of our prestigious alumni students, Kruthika R Reddy. She is pursuing MS Finance from University of Dallas. She spoke about all factors and encouraged students to pursue their masters abroad. This event was a highly interactive event with each student solving their doubts and knowing more through the speaker’s experience.

She mainly covered the differences in the new enhanced online exam. She explained in detail how the shift from centre to online mode is different. The seminar also had important points that helped the students know about the insightful details like things they need to consider before booking an enhanced online exam and also how to prepare for it.