Key parameters for choosing the right college for MBA

Currently, MBA has become one of the popular choices when it comes to pursuing master’s programs. Due to which there’s an increase in the demand for the top MBA colleges leading to more and more people applying every year. MBA can be a life changing phase for an individual. It may lead to your career development and help you advance with various life lessons. Hence if you dream to pursue your MBA in an Ivy League college you need to be intact with all preparations. Scoreleap is an institution that helps you in providing not only the best prep online but also mentors who stay with you and guide you at each step.

Out of the tons of colleges, how does one figure which is the best fit for them? Well, this blog aims at finding the business school that is the most exceptional fit for your career. Now the first few questions that pop to your mind when you are picking your college include:

  • What country should I look at?
  • What is the cost of the overall MBA program?
  • Will that particular college/country have more job opportunities for me?

This blog will help you answer these questions. MBA application is a process that requires a ton of research and one needs to sit down and look at all the parameters carefully. Scoreleap makes this process a whole lot easier for you, it has the strongest alumni connection which allows you to speak to them and learn from their first-hand experiences.

Let’s talk in detail about a few other key parameters that one needs to look at-


One of the most important criteria that you need to analyse while searching for respective colleges is what courses do they really offer. It becomes highly imperative to understand whether the college offers the course which you have planned to pursue. The B-schools offer specializations in various management courses and offer a variety of other courses too. Check what aligns with your interests and go for the best suited. You can also look for the extra curricular courses that can help you in your specific interests. Keep an eye out on the subjects that suit you and how you can make the most out of the 2 years MBA programme.


Preparing and appearing for the GMAT is the most stressful event for MBA planning. But as we all know the score does matter a lot. You need to pick the right partner/guide for the preparation of your GMAT. Scoreleap has come up with some very strategic and helpful DIY Gmat courses that will allow you to study at your own pace but still have the quality content and best prep sources online. Top colleges do not always rely on high scores, you need a holistic application with other factors to influence the committee. But it’s always better to be on the greener side of the grass and be prepared with good scores.


This shouldn’t be the criteria that you should rely on but it’s better to check the credibility of the colleges once you have your list ready. You need to see which colleges are considered among the top colleges and do the research properly. Sometimes there are bogus rankings that either dampen the image of the university or show a false good image so one needs to be alert. Take your decision wisely with complete cross/double examination.


Your will and power to spend plays a very important role in the decision making. The details about the costs and fees are given under program details on the particular universities’ website. Cautiously go through the details and make sure it's not exceeding your budget because let's face it, MBA is a little expensive degree. If your dream college is causing a burn in your pocket you can always opt for scholarships and student loans and repay them as you work along with your studies.


‘Placement Percentage’ is one of the key factors to check in your college. You need to check the college website for the placement data. Try researching into what companies bring what kind of offers on the table. Speak to the alumni as they may guide you in many ways as they have been through it. You can also do the research as to what impresses the companies and what other courses or activities you might need to take in the said university to boost your chances for the job.

Scoreleap mentors help you in planning all of this and actually make it fun for you. There will be people who share the same interests as you or people who have the same spirit leading you to make important/lifelong connections with them. As discussed above, these are the essential points to keep in mind in addition to that you need to prepare with all the required documents and not just work on the requirements and criteria but work on yourself too. By that, I mean that you need to have the correct attitude for your interviews. Practice is essential, not just for your exams but for the interview rounds in the application process too. You can rely on Scoreleap mentors to make you confident enough and prepare you to ace not just your exams but your entire MBA journey.