How to Ace 700 Level GMAT Sentence Correction Questions with ease

GMAT is one of the important factors for your admission abroad and you need to know how to ace it. Consisting of various sections, GMAT is usually considered a little tough to crack. Scoreleap aids students with their guidance and expertise leading them to not only crack the exam but pass out in flying colours. The mentors at Scoreleap help you with various approaches to solve the sections in GMAT. The event was organized by the CEO of Scoreleap, Mr. Kalyan Chamarthi an expert in GMAT. Kalyan is an avid storyteller and writer who has been instrumental in providing admission consulting services to his students. `He can achieve anything with his problem solving attitude and is known to be there with students always throughout their journey to dream business schools. Kalyan has been a mentor that has influenced many lives and students tend to perform when studying/working under him.

Many of the GMAT aspirants say that it is very difficult to manage the time effectively between Reading Comprehension & Sentence Correction. Majority of the time goes in solving the Reading Comprehension questions leaving behind a very little time for Sentence Correction. In order to address this problem, Mr Kalyan shares his insights on how to ace 700 level GMAT sentence corrections questions with ease. Sentence correction has certain rules and criteria which one needs to know in order to follow, one has to make sure and learn the rules which will make this section much easier for you. It gets difficult for students to identify the correct answers or eliminate wrong ones if they do not have the required amount of practice. It is important that we learn to answer the hardest sentence correction question within one minute and Scoreleap is here to simplify that for you.

Now Kalyan handpicked a series of questions which more than 50% of club members have gotten wrong and certain questions that seem a little difficult. Kalyan believes in simplifying the things to an extent wherein you understand the structure of GMAT and in turn handle the 700 level plus questions with ease. For question solving and in detail explanation of the approach to solve the questions within 60 seconds watch our webinar on youtube. One should know the rules and what GMAT is trying to test you on and eliminate the right answer choices within a minute. As Kalyan solves questions he shares strategies and provides a way of thinking that you should adopt while answering the questions.

At the end of the webinar he even asks the students to solve the questions and shows the students how to solve giving them a 360 degree perspective. It was a very insightful and engaging webinar for all GMAT aspirants. Everyone got a glimpse of the strategies that are being taught @ Scoreleap to help students ace GMAT with stellar scores. Scoreleap’s primary agenda includes helping all students to excel at the best of their abilities. The team does all the hard work to put real time videos for students to learn online at their ease. You can always reach out to scoreleap and we’d be there to guide you.