SAT Comprehensive Classroom Program

Learn. Explore. Engage

Our comprehensive Classroom Training is a 50 hours program conducted in a batch of 12 students. This course is designed for students who want to gain the confidence to tackle boldly and challenge conventional thinking in the SAT Test Environment. During the course, you will revise the core math and verbal skills learned in school, and then move on to mastering the strategy that will help you explore your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.

Learn how to strategize & manage time and ace the test with the necessary skills acquired. By the end of the program, you will be equipped with the right test-taking strategy and a solid understanding of the question types and how to tackle them easily, with appropriate training as prescribed by the trainer.

Success Driven

Fun, Exciting, & Educational

Every student writing the SAT approaches the test with apprehension and tends to score lower than his/her potential. ScoreLeap instills confidence in the student by making the learning experience not only informative but fun and easy.

Story & Strategy Based Learning

How do we make the learning experience fun and easy? We convert the lessons into a story and approach each topic with a strategy built by us over the years. It is necessary for each student to abide by this strategy to attain a leap in the score.

Bridging gaps

When a student pursues his/her undergrad studies, he/she goes through a transformation from childhood to adulthood. ScoreLeap preps each student to undergo this transformation seamlessly and helps them enter the professional stream equipping them with the necessary skills.

Program Highlights

One of the key factors to maximize your score is to ensure that you know the fundamentals of both math and verbal thoroughly. The secret to success in cracking SAT is not about solving complex problems but ensuring that you don’t make mistakes on simple questions. At ScoreLeap, you will gain a firm grounding in those fundamentals through our structured classroom sessions based on cognitive thinking.
SAT is one of the first competitive tests that a student takes before entering the professional stream. Given this reason, along with other personal limitations, SAT prep could become stressful. At ScoreLeap, the peer group in the classroom provides necessary moral support to each other. The student simultaneously learns by sharing knowledge and helping one another, making the whole experience more enriching.
During the regular Classroom sessions, you will learn & strengthen the concepts required for the SAT questions. You will also acquire the necessary tools and techniques to ace the test. But implementation during the test is the KEY. At ScoreLeap, we provide an in-depth analysis of each of the 5 diagnostic tests that you need to take post regular classes. These analyses will help evaluate your mistakes and overcome the weakness at the strategic points.