SAT Hourly Program

Target a Funneled Approach

The ScoreLeap SAT Hourly program is an intensive and exclusive program that gives students a steady focused fine-tuned approach to quickly overcome the tricky hurdles and gain a great leap in the SAT Score quickly. This program is essentially designed for the students who have done a substantial amount of preparation already and have good knowledge of the concepts tested on the SAT but unable to move past a certain score.

Success Driven

Best of its Kind

Our uniquely designed tests will help us understand your stumbling block that is stopping you from achieve the dream score. Our team of highly skilled trainers will help you with the missing piece, which will help you achieve a big leap in the score.

Big Leap in the Scores

We at ScoreLeap have seen students taking a big leap in the scores with just 10 hours of personalized training. There are instances where students' SAT scores have jumped from 1000 to 1350 & from 1200 to 1540 in just 7 Days.

Result–Minded Approach Focus

During the hourly sessions, students will learn only that is required to increase the score. Trainers are specially equipped to help you focus on the final result by adapting to the SAT test algorithm meticulously.

Program Highlights

Unlike the regular comprehensive program, where timings are fixed and if you miss a class, you may have a fear of losing out on the flow, hourly programs have better flexibility. You will not have to worry about missing a class. If you cannot make it to class on a particular day, we can always reschedule.
The hourly program's focus on innovative and cognitive thinking equips students with an integrated skill set at the intersection of time management, key concepts, and test strategy. Students will develop the ability to quickly decide the question to solve and time when to let the question go.
Students of the Hourly program will understand the importance of staying calm during the test and learn not to get carried away by the nature of the questions ( easy or difficult). Students build an approach to read each question carefully, understand it thoroughly before solving it.