GRE Comprehensive Classroom Program

Inspiring. Engaging. Fun

Our comprehensive Classroom Training is a 50 hours program conducted in batch of 12 students. This course is designed for students who want to gain confidence to tackle boldly and challenge conventional thinking in GRE Test Environment. During this program, you will begin to learn ways to master vocabulary (GRE Centric), simultaneously build core math and verbal skills.

Subsequently, learn techniques and strategy to manage the exam within time by exploring your strengths. By the end of the program, you will gain superior understanding of question types, structure and their patterns. By practicing as prescribed your trainer, you will be equipped with tools to optimize your GRE Score.

Success Driven

Cognitive Learnings

Trainers at SCORELEAP work with Students closely, understand challenges at personal level, strengthen fundamental concepts and translate efforts into high score. Trainers use Cognitive methods of teaching, helping students gain confidence in tackle any challenging question with an ease.


Students with different educational disciplines – ranging from science & Engineering to the arts, architecture, humanities, social science and management attend our GRE Classes. Our Course curriculum is designed to accommodate students with diverse backgrounds.

Research oriented

Most of ScoreLeap got admitted to the Graduate school are research centric. Scoreleap consistently help student spot their areas of interests and do deeper in those areas and foster them to pursue research based master’s program and prepare them for the same.

Program Highlights

One of the key factor to maximize your score is to ensure that you know the fundamentals of both Math and verbal thoroughly. The secret of GRE success is not about doing complex problems but ensuring that you don't make silly mistakes in the easy questions. At ScoreLeap you will gain firm grounding in those fundamentals through our structured classroom sessions based on cognitive thinking.
GRE is a journey that needs to be cherished every moment. However, given many other personal and professional limitations, GRE prep could become stressful. At ScoreLeap, the peer group in classroom provide necessary moral support to each other. The simultaneously learn by sharing knowledge and helping one another, making the whole experience more enriching.
Vocabulary forms an integral part of the GRE Verbal. We pioneer new ways of teaching, learning and Mastering Vocabulary by inventing and leveraging digital technology. Our Vocab building process is quite engaging and entertaining, infusing a mind-set to develop the Vocabulary not just for to ace GRE but to develop ability to write immaculate (research papers) during graduate study.