Individual Sessions

Focused Preparation

Our 121 Program is the fastest way to a great GMAT Score. It is designed to identify your strong and weak areas at the Micro level and develop curriculum that helps you a) Strengthen your Fundamentals, and b) quickly overcome your weakness while learning ways to explore your strengths to take a big leap in your score. In the typical 50 hours program you will immerse in rigorous curriculum, learn key insights from MBA graduates of Ivy League business schools and build confidence to ace the exam with ease.

Success Driven

12 years of Achieving High Scores

Over the last 12 years, many students have benefitted from 121 program immensely. GMAT aspirants have not only achieved a great leap in their GMAT Scores but secured admission into TOP MBA Programs across the world.

Customized Curriculum

Unlike the regular classroom sessions, 121 program sessions are fine-tuned with respect to your strengthens and weakness. The program provides option to bypass the areas that you are already very strong and focus on the weaker sections with emphasis to overcome fear and anxiety associated with certain types of questions/ concepts.

Best Value for Money

If you are clear that you need more personalized attention and don't want to be in the large group of students, as you might not be comfortable learning in larger group, then 121 is perfect program for you.

Program Highlights

Unlike the regular comprehensive program, where timings are fixed and if you miss a class, you may have a fear of losing out on the flow, 121 programs has better flexibility. You will not have to worry about missing a class. If you cannot make it to class on a particular day, we can always reschedule.
121 session gives your trainer to understand your psyche at the micro level – be at the conceptual level, or at the psychological level. Such understanding gives your trainer to tailor make your prep schedule and develop your skills systematically and progressively, building your confidence to ace the exam with an ease.
During the regular teaching sessions, you will learn and strengthen the concepts required for the GMAT Exam questions. Also you will acquire necessary tools and techniques to ace the test. But implementation during the test is THE KEY. At ScoreLeap, we provide in-depth analysis of each of your 5 diagnostic tests that you need to take post regular classes. These analysis will help evaluate you mistakes and overcome the weakness at the strategic points.