Batch Lessons

Engaging Enriching Experiential

Our comprehensive Classroom Training is a 50 hours program conducted in batch of 12 students. This course is designed for students who want to gain confidence to tackle boldly and challenge conventional thinking in GMAT Test Environment. During the course you will begin to build core math and verbal skills and then move on to mastering the strategy that will help you explore your strengths and overcome your weakness. By the end of the program, you will gain, by practicing, in-depth understanding of GMAT psychology, which gives you an opportunity to optimize your GMAT score.

Success Driven


With over a decade's experience in teaching GMAT, we know exactly how to navigate through the tests. Our 50 hour course curriculum focuses on equipping you with the skills and tools that are required for GMAT. NO LESS NO MORE.

Focus on Score Optimization

In addition to strong Math and English Fundamentals, it is crucial to understand the psychology of the GMAT Exam, know its moves even before they are made and plan your attack accordingly. ScoreLeap focus exactly on that.

Commitment is the CORE

GMAT requires 100% commitment, dedication and discipline to achieve the desired score. ScoreLeap trainers constantly inspires their students in multiple ways to stay committed to GMAT exam until they achieve their dream scores.

Program Highlights

One of the key factor to maximize your score is to ensure that you know the fundamentals of both Math and verbal thoroughly. The secret of GMAT success is not about doing complex problems but ensuring that you don't make mistakes on simple questions. At ScoreLeap you will gain firm grounding in those fundamentals through our structured classroom sessions based on cognitive thinking.
GMAT is a journey that needs to be cherished every moment. However, given many other personal and professional limitations, GMAT prep could become stressful. At ScoreLeap, the peer group in classroom provide necessary moral support to each other and also simultaneously learn by sharing knowledge and helping one another, making the whole experience more enriching.
During the regular Classroom sessions, you will learn and strengthen the concepts required for the GMAT Exam questions. Also you will acquire necessary tools and techniques to ace the test. But implementation during the test is THE KEY. At ScoreLeap, we provide in-depth analysis of each of your 5 diagnostic tests that you need to take post regular classes. These analysis will help evaluate your mistakes and overcome the weakness at the strategic points.